Yamaha RGX420DZ
Yamaha RGX420DZ

RGX420DZ, STC-Shaped Guitar from Yamaha in the RGX series.

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Exta 07/15/2005

Yamaha RGX420DZ : Exta's user review


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The guitar is a Yamaha, so I assume made in Japan.
The key has 24 frets and the guitar has two humbuckers (Yamaha original I suppose), an easel and a handle.
The bridge is a Floyd Rose-licensed so it's happiness: it does not go out of tune!
Regarding the settings, there is a volume knob usually another general tone, a microphone 5-position selector, and the small (or rather big) over this guitar is the direct output switch.
The neck is rosewood I believe, and is screwed to the body of the guitar.
I would add that personally I chose the color Flat Blue, because I did not want a classic colors (black or dark gray), and I regret nothing: it is really beautiful, and I could spend hours play of light reflections on the body so it's beautiful.


The handle is very comfortable to play, and finally compared to my previous guitar at least. It is soft, smooth, with a nice light color, and used to sequence the crossed without too much fatigue and sliding smoothly.
The key is as pleasant, and the game in the treble is no problem, especially as the cutting of the guitar is successful and that the key has 24 frets. M'enfin jsuis not Joe Satriani, so I am very satisfied.
Ergonomics, well, I have nothing special to say, it is very well balanced to play while sitting and standing, and is not too heavy.
Get a good sound is not very difficult because the guitar is quality for its price: just get used to the settings and make its brands, particularly with the switch to direct output.


This guitar is for all types of rock, blues and even a little I think (but I do not play in this style), and is really versatile.
Custom Peavey 15W amp I use when I'm in my apartment (must still meet the neighbors), and a Peavey Bandit 112 or a Fender 85W when I'm in the rehearsal room. Otherwise I recently acquired a multi-effects pedal Zoom 606 I start testing with the Yamaha and it works really well. For slightly less in this guitar is the output level of sound, which I find a bit weak, which is slightly amplified by the pedal before you get to the amp.
Selector to switch between a microphone to another or to mix the two: Note one of five positions splitter allows the microphones to imitate single coil pickups, which allows for a softer sound and clearer . The general tone knob is important in the lower gets the guitar as a sort of natural reverb, the sound in the treble is very clear. The volume knob is often almost fully developed (see low sound output). What is interesting, and that is special about the guitar is the direct output switch, which take only the bridge pickup and sends it to the amp without going through the internal equalizer circuit: it gives a raw sound, very dry and sharp with a very high volume. With distortion it a hit though! Otherwise the sound in the treble is rather soft, clean, and just as well! The pickups are effective without Seymour.


I put a score of 10, because the price / quality ratio is insane. I use it for one month and I begin to take full advantage. The violin is impeccable and neat, the guitar is beautiful with a body type and the new Start headstock "3D" from Yamaha. The blue color I've chosen really gives it class: it does not go unnoticed!
The direct output switch is not a gimmick, it's really more interesting, and I play a lot. I think that with a little more powerful microphones and top quality (like Seymour or EMG) would be really great guitar, and many guitars rival brand American or Mexican before which we cry when we look at the exorbitant prices (follow my eyes ...)
Before buying it, I tried an Ibanez at € 280 is also very well made and a Yamaha AES series to 440 €: I found that the level of sound quality, it was a good compromise between the two (I bought it new € 370 in a small shop). I think I'll play a long time with this one! My next purchase will probably be a Gibson Epiphone or (if I have sub-sub) model Les Paul, but that's not right now and that's another story ...
Anyway I have one thing to add: THANK YAMAHA!