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my cross to bare 11/26/2006

Yamaha RGX420S : my cross to bare's user review


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This is a guitar made for the tuning down, the floyd can dsacorder the scratches up a style not possible in octave below normal without hesitation, I bought it in 2002 to 400 so it loses value


The neck is fairly enjoyable but nothing more because it is a good guitar as a general rule


This is to make mtal hardcore, I play this with a drop 6 Hughes & Kettner Warp 7 and two three effects: flanger, delay and ada mp1 to have a "pep" more and disto


So I use it for 4 years, I love the sounds down tuning and this is my guitar Premire
, I think the ratio quality price is good and if trs c'tait wait yet again 4 / 5 years because it does not ending for Cotera