Yamaha RGX721DG
Yamaha RGX721DG

RGX721DG, STC-Shaped Guitar from Yamaha in the RGX series.

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danythebass 02/06/2012

Yamaha RGX721DG : danythebass's user review

«  Versatility at a reasonable price »

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Made in Taiwan under license Yamaha. one piece maple neck, 24 frets screwed. Floyd string blocks in pairs, e soubles microphones and a simple, basswood body.
Volume, tone and selector type stratocaster.


Handle end and fast way to access acute between the 21th and 24th box, but nothing alarming, passive pickups, but punchy and crystal clear sound, the microphone provides a good serious and well rounded. however, all lack a little precision, a set of microphones better on this guitar would do wonders.


Use only in a home studio, I'm not a guitarist but bassist. However, to funk and rock, it sounds good, tested by a guitar amp my Engl Savage, it gives full expression! effect with a tc electronics, he began to n have anything to complain about, except that small lack of precision in the attacks!


Good instrument as a whole, good balance, nice floyd, removable handle, sounds improved upon but his versatility is very friendly.