DiMarzio DP111 SDS-1
DiMarzio DP111 SDS-1
tjon901 07/29/2011

DiMarzio DP111 SDS-1 : tjon901's user review

« Warm true single coil »

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Dimarzio is a modern pickup maker most known for this modern humbuckers used by modern guitar players. Players like Steve Vai and Joe Satriani have been using Dimarzios for years and are pretty much the definition of modern guitar players. Being viewed as such a modern pickup maker Dimarzio isnt as well known for their single coils. Most of their single coil pickups are really just humbuckers shrunk down to fit in the space of a single coil. They have a few true single coil pickups and the SDS-1 is one of them. Since this is a true single coil and not a small humbucker you will get all the hum and noise that you typically get with single coil pickups. To get the true real single coil sound you pretty much have to have the noise and the hum unless you completely change the pickup design like they did with Lace Sensors. With this pickup Dimarzio chose to take the true single coil tone in more of a P-90 direction. The pickup still has the twang and clarity of a single coil with just a little more warmth. They used a set of weaker magnets but with adjustable poles. So you can get them closer to the strings without as much string drag. String drag is where the magnetic pull of the pickup magnets actually lesses the sustain of the strings by preventing them from vibrating freely. The eq on these pickups is more for warmth than for single coil twang. The high end is cut back a bunch and there is a bit more low end. This is not really the pickup you want if you want a ultra twangy country sound. This is a more modern sounding true single coil. If you are looking for a true single coil from Dimarzio with a little bit of a warmer tone this fits that perfectly.