DiMarzio DP423 Injector Bridge
DiMarzio DP423 Injector Bridge

DP423 Injector Bridge, Stratocaster guitar pickup from DiMarzio in the Hum-canceling Strat series.

nickname009 02/01/2012

DiMarzio DP423 Injector Bridge : nickname009's user review


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I can't believe nobody's reviewed this one yet! I think these new single coil pickups have to be some of the best out there today with it's noiseless technology. Not only is it super quiet, but it still actually sounds like a single coil. The older models and revisions of noiseless single coils have always been hit and miss. However with these ones I think Dimarzio's finally nailed it! The Injector bridge pickup is not a super high output pickup, I'd say it's medium output with both nice cleans and distortion sounds. The clean sounds like a strat would to me, especially if switched in the 2/4 positions you can get the classic strat sounds, definitely all the chime you want! The distortion is also surprisingly okay, it's thick sounding for a single coil pickup, has lots of mids and isn't overly bright, though it does have a bright chracteristic, there is still quite a good amount of low mids. I think it's a great rock pickup and can get quite heavy, if you're a previous humbucker user you'd have to up the gain on your amp more to get the same amount of crunch but otherwise these pickups are SOLID!