Fender Vintage Staggered Alnico V Single Coil
Fender Vintage Staggered Alnico V Single Coil
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jozegarage 11/23/2006

Fender Vintage Staggered Alnico V Single Coil : jozegarage's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
I used this mic for 10 years is an immutable standard.

The microphone and the sound Fender Stratocaster par excellence. This microphone is spaced studs (staggered in English), by far the most popular team as the American Standard, the flagship of the brand.

Equally at home are clear (bright, crystalline), in its full, he was often criticized for excessive presence in the upper midrange and treble, even I would describe the sound as "sharp, angular" as settings and the nature of the amplification.
An all-tube amp significantly improve the sound of this microphone that delight some and repel those who do conceive that if the sound comes from a "Humbucker" ... Finally, the festival of tastes and colors ...

A good product, affordable, ideal for upgrading an imitation which the microphones are not well made. A tip, try an American Standard, and if it's very different and much better than your copy, please install this set, you will gain a lot.

I use today on a Start, the Bill Lawrence L-280s and L-290S for the bridge. On the second, including a Gold Lace Sensor Humbucker Jeff Beck Bridge. I love these associations but it remains that the model discussed here is a safe bet even if not noiseless and therefore requires a proper wiring.

Conclusion: A microphone with a timeless quality / price ratio excellent.