Lace Music Sensor Gold
Lace Music Sensor Gold
tjon901 07/29/2011

Lace Music Sensor Gold : tjon901's user review

« Fender should put these in all their guitars. »

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The Lace Sensor was one of the first noiseless single coils out on the market. They first came out in the mid 80s and Fender was the only company allowed to use them until the mid 90s. Fender guitars from the top of the line all the way to the bottom used Lace Sensors and many Fender players from the ear swear by them up and down. Many famous players still use them nowadays. The Edge from U2 and Eric Clapton are some of the bigger ones. The Lace Senor is a truly modern single coil design. I love when guitar companies are willing to advance the design of their products to help improve them instead of pandering to traditionalists. The Lace Senor design was pretty ground breaking at the time when it came to single coils.  The Lace Sensor is a unique pickup because it has a special system that reduces the typical single coil noise. Lace calls it their radiant field barrier system. Lace states that their pickups generate 36 seperate magnetic sensing fields in which it can detect the string vibration. These fields are then heavily sheilded to reduce the noise that you typically associate with single coil pickups. Due to their unique design the Lace Sensors can pickup a greater physical area on the string. All while detecting less outside unwanted noise. Because the pickups are so efficient in picking up the string and not the noise the pickups can use less powerful magnets. Because the magnets are less powerful this reduces the string drag and string pull effect the pickups have on the strings. String drag is when the magnetic field of the pickup effects the string and causes the sustain of the string to decrease. String pull is when this magnetic field changes the pitch of the string. With the plastic covers on these pickups there is not any noise with the strings hitting the pole pieces either. These are truly modern single coil pickups. These Gold models have a typical single coil output of 5K. There are some super hot Lace Sensors that I would not recommend since they are so hot they have a very harsh sound. These Gold Lace Sensors are perfect. They really capture the single coil sound but do not give you the noise that you have probably gotten use to over the last 50 years. If you are looking for a set of Single coils that have the traditional single coils sound and output without the traditional noise these pickups have been the standard for noiseless single coils for 30 years.