Artificial Ear L.A.F.S.Virtuoso Violin
Artificial Ear L.A.F.S.Virtuoso Violin

L.A.F.S.Virtuoso Violin, String Sample from Artificial Ear.

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kqlqk 01/05/2007

Artificial Ear L.A.F.S.Virtuoso Violin : kqlqk's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
Sound bank in Reason for NNXT préprogarammés with patch and varied articulations. very varied.


The sounds are of very good quality, the joints are very very reasonable price nombreuses.Pour as they call themselves

I have a very classical approach, and frankly these sounds are very usable.

to the ear they compare favorably with the MSI solos that I have elsewhere.

there on the bank that the violin solo.


Two years with respect to the violin.

The variety of joints very detailed but also the weight in memory as that cpu ... Reason is incredibly low fuel consumption ... On my laptop, without having to key over and I shudder at the thought of losing, reason allows me to work through such instruments.

the -: it takes a little adapting the patches in order to obtain a good expression but NNXT is very easy to program even for one sucks like me ...

I usually work with HALion Symphonic orchesra and Motu Symphonic Orchestra. these apps are not in the same category as Reason for small budget but these samples are really sound the NNXT competitively. Propellerhead is also a bank strings but the demo seems cheap ...

value for money is excellent, of course there have fauit Reason.