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Bruxo 11/17/2004

Art TCS : Bruxo's user review


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Compressor, gate, d-esser, expander
Technology lamp in an optical circuit and VCA
The connector is a conventional compressor, IN and OUT jack and XLR, side chain, between jack instrument faade.
The construction is robust, no knobs that take directemment the circuit (as is usual on some brands now ...)
Inside, there is a toroidal transformer, known to be less likely to cause noise (this type of transformer used by Avalon on some of its products)
Seulles The problem is that the gain of CONTRL can be for the instrument input (front) for XLR inputs, the gain is controlled by the device prcde that the CHT.
But a fawn gnrale, everything is dmande the compressor is, with a 12AX7 tube for rchaufer sound (and it is).
So 9.


The manual is quite simple (in English ...), with some examples not exhaustive.
Technology-V3 Variable Valve Voicing East explains, and is really INTERESTED, because you can now make the lamp rings Fawn frquence optimizes the instrument (or voice) line .
Gnrale configuration is fairly simple (it's a compressor) and we understand how it works quickly trs.


So, the .... Congratulations, Art!
The sound is really fantastic! Round, warm, full of punch and most importantly, a DEFINITIONS amazing!
I Aplique a mix, and the instruments took a surprising relief. Low, even compresses cylindrical probe with an ataque prcise, and do not sound always Touf.
A real treat!
For percussion, there is no doubt, is the prsence, the sound is natural and can be as neutral and natural compression with optical compression, more aggressive and stained with VCA circuit, or we shuffled the two fawns can be compressed (there are four ...)
But what is really patant is that the dynamics are well, and the sound is not at all dnatur no ear fatigue, in contrast, sounds trs, trs agr Able!
A must!
(I have not used the d-esser)


I use it for two days, and I can say that would be difficult without it now.
What I like least is that you can not gain CONTRL XLR inputs (the button GAIN faade used exclusively between the instrument)
Another point is the ngatif GATE ... This slice of fawn steep. I tried many rglages (as much as possible with two knobs ...) and there is nothing, it cuts to a shot and it means. Too bad!
A point troisime ngatif is the start of the unit: Never turn your amp before!! The circuit of the compressor is qualques moments to stabilizer in the ignition and then, suddenly, one standard "boom" is heard. I think they could have put a protection circuit silent, full of devices have a.
Fawn gnrale, I am satisfied (do not forget the price, all the same)
Report qualitprix I think more than satisfactory, because the sound that you get overrides on all aspects.
I think I would do this choice.