BAE Audio 10DC Compressor/Limitor
BAE Audio 10DC Compressor/Limitor

10DC Compressor/Limitor, Studio compressor from BAE Audio.

Chris.p.l 03/10/2013

BAE Audio 10DC Compressor/Limitor : Chris.p.l's user review


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Halfway between a channel and a 2264r 33609 10dc BAE is a mono compressor with separate controls compressor and / or limiter. Linkable stereo using a cinch cable provided with the purchase of two racks.
Each position is notched which is very convenient for the recall and use stereo.
The compressor is powered by an external power supply that can serve dual output two 10dc.
One can regret any time without a sidechain for even more versatile.


No manual supplied with the unit.
Its use is, for me, almost universal.
various settings that make this machine offers a tool adaptable to all situations whether at the plug, mix or mastering, for each of these applications can be easily found a setting that makes the 10dc effective.


The sound is very rich 10dc. Output of comp, it was clearly Neve leg!
The low med is swollen and very compact it really gives the signal to the base, treble are present with this "cream" that turns any kind of acidity sweetness!
If you like the color of 1073, the 10dc will delight you!


This machine provides a strong enough color to everything that is processed, the make-up gain is quite a character in the same 1073.
I was very surprised because the coloration of these comps is such that a final EQ to inflate a mix become almost too much!
On voice he brings this presence and life much appreciated pre 1073.
On rhythm guitars a snap that decision while providing a smooth beautiful.
General mix of binder and incredible power.
I still spend a few hours on the beast to me a little hands on it, but first impressions are tough enough!