Behringer Composer Pro MDX2200
Behringer Composer Pro MDX2200

Composer Pro MDX2200, Studio compressor from Behringer in the MDX series.

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Lenoir 05/12/2007

Behringer Composer Pro MDX2200 : Lenoir's user review


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Compressor transistors, gate / expander, a limiter unit 19. It can operate in two independent mono channels or linked stereo. An order of side-chain channel.


Configuration is very simple when you know how to use a compressor, everything is clear. The buttons are small but easy to handle. Being ribbed fine adjustments are impossible, and so personally I do not have this problem (the opposite), some might take offense.


The sound quality, the nerve!
The thing to point out immediately is that the MDX2200 is not the only home studio compressor-ist demanding. Why? Simply because it is anything but transparent, it is a little colorful and is easily capable of pumping a bit like how an Alesis 3630, only better. I used it with bass, guitar and drums. On these instruments, I loved: no noise, the sound is round, balanced and rather the ability to pump the beast itself adds enough, I think, a plus. You either love or hate! To be perfectly honest, I must say that it will not necessarily suited to certain types of voice catches and he definitely prefers a more transparent compressor. But otherwise, it's been very well his job.
The side-chain is effective and complements the range of use of the effect.


+ Sound (Note: The creature pump easily. You like it or not)
+ The multiple uses (gate, compressor, limiter, de-esser via side-chain, etc. ...)
+ The value for money

- Lack of versatility

I do it again without hesitation that choice because it is entirely appropriate for what I did. It is found used for cheap and it would be a shame to deny, especially if you already have a compressor rather transparent and you want to slum it a bit! ;-)