Behringer Composer Pro MDX2200
Behringer Composer Pro MDX2200

Composer Pro MDX2200, Studio compressor from Behringer in the MDX series.

Gumpa Maker 01/08/2011

Behringer Composer Pro MDX2200 : Gumpa Maker's user review

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+ + compressor limiter expander 2x1 channels for stereo linkable
-10dBv / +4 dBu Input
orders are honest.


Manual clear
Simple config
edition ... bin there, it has a direct relationship with the next paragraph! NIL NIL NIL



Editing the sound is delicate PCQ this compressor is an effect "lo-fi" a compressor!
The deterioration of the sound is intolerable!

I have a config studio with electro synths and BAR hardwares, all that connected to my console.

I wanted to use it as an insert on my kicks Drumstation and I also tried the master of my console with a kick in the side-chain: the same low ratio and low threshold (without much in return, what) and regardless of the settings attack / release or even soft knee, lower frequencies are hot (and not an illusion, anyone can quickly realizing it) and there is a spike (a kind of "clack" or "peck" according to the settings) intolerable generated at each start of compression!

In summary, even with soft settings (almost no compression):
-Transient intolerable beginning of each compression
Completely hot-low frequencies (even with the optional SC FILTER enclanchée)
Bcp-raising too pronounced mids.

The only source with which it does not pose a major problem (as far as I've tried) is the voice. But again, it might help on the rock or other music that is not too thin!


I cry for 6 months now!

I tried several compressors (soft & hard) and I know how it rules!

What I like most ... er ... I see it!
What I like least: MDX 2200 Composer Pro!

This filth can not be resolved, IT MAY NOT DROP!
For me, it has served me throw 50 euros out the window! I can not even resell PCQ I feel scammed qq'un!