Behringer MINICOM COM800
Behringer MINICOM COM800

MINICOM COM800, Studio compressor from Behringer.

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SlapKid 02/22/2014

Behringer MINICOM COM800 : SlapKid's user review

«  More than adequate at this price »

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Value For Money : Poor
I depuis4-five years, no worries. It is an analog device with 16 presets tuned compression differently. We can act on the level of input and output as well as the enhancer on or off. It looks anything but it is infinitely more than any compressor pedal, and eyewitnesses at that.
Stereo, but the two channels have identical settings, handy indeed.
2in-2out 6.3 jacks, 9v power supply provided alternative type as in digitech.
No breath or hum, all good.
Considering the price is 10/10


Ingeniously simple, visual, just great ... To adjust a compressor it is imperative an input and a display level, minicom has two, one for compression and applied to the input level or output .
If you have it you're doing every time. I find unacceptable and almost unusable almost all compression pedals on the market, especially in terms of their prices (without power supply which is more).
My main use is on electric guitar, here is the chain: guitar pedal overdrive or distortion without true bypass (so that the signal is at the right impedance required by minicom) - minicom-amp output by L and pedal delay / rev per output R that file on 2nd amp.
This arrangement allows long cables and a main dry signal analog signal with delay / rev parallel.
Not to mention the price is great.


The presets are customizable and usable, and their name is quite realistic.
The color changes in function and frequencies (non-) affected.
Compared to my pedals compression, I'll spare you the long list, the sound is better or much better here. Except the nova dynamics overpriced.

Home studio I use, always on electric guitar, autocom rack of the brand and there hello difference in sound quality, really three notches above for a still very reasonable price. on the other hand it is clearly not intuitive or easy, but many additional useful options. But beware, no question of entering in after a simple non pedal true bypass, so need a console these two products are not comparable.


It is a balance in fact, you could possibly want exactly the same version as the hi-end concept is good.

I also tested the output of cd to see, and dedicated presets are effective. It is qualitatively my rfx300 zoom around so already correct.

Here, for local use between guitar and vox ac15 is useful and simple, whatever the type of compression you need. It goes from subtle to punchy through the nashville (chouic skinny etc.), with visual control over the enhancer siouplé.De board does not blow and is more effective than at first glance.
A remake I would do, taking care to study the market for a similar device but higher-end anyway, willing to pay 4-6 times more. But that's just because I'm crazy compressor!