Behringer Tube Composer T1952
Behringer Tube Composer T1952

Tube Composer T1952, Studio compressor from Behringer.

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zgabel 12/04/2004

Behringer Tube Composer T1952 : zgabel's user review


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Compressor vintage style knobs. A light output of each channel Global Warming pure sound (not a real comprss lamp). 2 voices, settings ratio, treshold, attack, relaease, knee (2 pssiblits) Out and IN levels. Section expander-gate treshold ratio and Controls. Or Jack XLR connectors. Bypass-pad levels ....


Use trs simple for those who manipulated adjacent a compress. Nanmoins the knobs are small and sometimes not rvelent prcis (damnde we sometimes what is the harness of some graduations). In view of the needle is sometimes difficult to follow on some fisheries trs short. One of the VU is auguilles assign color lamp is used which does nothing. I see prfr assign rduction gain, rather than having the Paratge even seen on a level with the IN and OUT using knobs, really inconvenient. Warning leaves much open for Tulisa.


Really here, not waiting for that brand. The sound is tonnament is transparent. No color or very little. The compressor does its job smoothly and music. It n'amliorera not your basic sound dtruira do not: it's just his job: compress. Same gate-expander section surprised me. With a little patient expander function is good and trs tonnament music. Try for example a song your ds hs and spend some time rgler.


The 1952 is a good product in its rev range of prices. I'm even he did not tonn more boxes as a (maybe comes from a reputable averaged of this trademark). Overall its a transparent trs. Handling times dlicate (petis knobs). Same gate-expander section is worth it. To buy the closed eyes. It just takes a little time to tame it.