Boss CL-50 Compressor Limiter
Boss CL-50 Compressor Limiter

CL-50 Compressor Limiter, Studio compressor from Boss.

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Dlw 11/27/2003

Boss CL-50 Compressor Limiter : Dlw's user review


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I have two rack and I can stand up for yourself that this is damned good road. Connected to a mixing desk, it can handle input signals from various microphones or line outputs with the greatest calm and the largest amplitude. Whether mono or Stereo, insert track or mix in general; this compressor / limiter / noise gate (door noise) is correct that what it seems. It Relva a weakling level, cutting a frquence unflattering or n'bruite not your speakers. The connections are jack, in order: 1) Input (mic, line, instrument, keyboard, mixing desk etc. ...)/ 2) a level of -10 dBm 4 / 3) an outlet for the connection to an amp, power amp, a magntophone, sound card / 4) a power-detection of the signal (the signal input is used when you DSIR the effects DIFFERENT controls are related to the arrival of the signal) / 5 & 6) Connections for compression and noise gates when they are utiliss simultanment with his counterpart (cd his companion, sister what! a LC50 for other strophonie) / 7) Socket for an external pdalier of CONTRL not supplied / & 8) hold for the adapter. I casais between my mixer and my power amp and I had no background noise in my monitor speakers when branches but without any music on my part (but if you know what lightweight "sssssshhh" which unfortunately is not a sample).


Its configuration is a childlike simplicity, there's just turn the knobs and more, the manual provides examples of rglages in all situations.


The effects are transparent, a system that is processing dynamic trs sharp and really easy to ACCS. No dtrioration sound and bright facade tmoins reassure its operation. So I used it before with my bass, I had the bass and the amp to have a natural compression and quietly. Then, as I said it was between my table and my power amp and my music ptites taient rgularises well clear. T it would be a shame not to use them and I loved watching the two indicators of gain, when I look for inspiration bubble. A Submitted they are supported by a large rack Behringer, efficient emptying. But I'll find another good their usefulness (I'm gonna m'mettre the triangle, of course!)


How long I use it ??? hula! well it's been 10 years (I am 32). TRS is a good product and cheap. It seems to me an obvious choice for an effects rack and for an amateur home studio, it should be mandatory.