Chandler Limited Germanium Compressor
Chandler Limited Germanium Compressor

Germanium Compressor, Studio compressor from Chandler Limited in the Germanium series.

mako 10/10/2007

Chandler Limited Germanium Compressor : mako's user review


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FET Compressor with Germanium Tagus.
1U. Input / Output XLR symtrique.
Spare power supply 1U half.
Transistor analog compression, mono, linkable (Stro / Surround).


Trs versatile compressor. Here are the settings:
Bypass Switch: Compressor In / Out
Switch Clean / Dirty: Clean the distortion mode is between 0.2 and 0.5% / Dirty mode between 2 and 5% (this switch bypass distortion compensation)
Input: gain of the comp (Fawn 1176)
Sidechain: a high-pass filter on the sidechain (OUT/30/60/90/150/300Hz). Reduces the detection frquences low. Very practical to avoid the low frq overwritten signal.
Ratio: 1.5:1 to 10:1 compression ratio
Comp Curve: 6 Compression curves. Uses forms of detection to vary the diffrent rponses, the softer the harder. Resistance: a gentle compression. Germ Soft: soft germanium diode detection. Germ Med: Use several germanium diodes for a response harder. Med Silicon: Silicon diode detection; Rponse medium. Silicon Hard: detection by two silicone diodes; Rponse harder. zener Hard: detection by Zener simple answer very hard. The montages DIFFERENT affect the slope and color compression.
Wet / Dry mix: for the determination between the signal and compress the uncompressed signal. Note that the direct signal (not even happen when compressed by the Tagus amplification germanium.
Attack and Release: no values ​​given for these paramettres. But the attack is fast trs (trs modern) and the release really long. It does not help you but the result is impressive trs.
Link: allows linker in Stereo and 5.1.
Germanium and Gain Feedback: Settings dsormais classic program Germanium ... Can boost the signal compression APRS, with the possibility to shape the sound.


An efficient compression trs. The soft rev up the extreme.
This compressor offers many of the palettes of the Manir Distressor, but with a color that would approach the old Neeve.
Fidler color range germanium, warm and dynamic trs.
I test on mono sources (vocals, bass, guitars ...) and stro sources (batteries buss, mix).


In testing for qques days.
It's a beautiful machine priced rsonnable (1700 ttc little prs) with many possibilities.
Hsit I buy two 1176 or Phoenix but finally I ordered two germ comp.
These machines have really bluff their ability and power.
I would tell you more diligent use APRS ...

... After a few weeks of use:
This machine is monstrous. I used a lot on batteries. Really perfect. We can crasis max (Zener. ..) and re-assay for the direct rcuprr dynamics. I also respect the vote, with the super distortion mode on Exhaust-The definition (like a THD on TG1). The mode mix as for the determination of dynamics. Perfect for bass and guitar ... pure it will have to me other 2 ...