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lapomme 09/24/2007

dbx 160X : lapomme's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
Compressor / limiter analog
not editable
6.35 / O + possibility to connect 2 160x which is a slave for stereo compression.
For the English doc is here: 20Owners 20Manual.pdf


Configuration very simple but, of course, the more simple is more subtle ....

I did not have the manual but I found the site DBX (see above), there is also that of the 160A (same thing but easier to read) in English only. Anyway, it's very simple.


Come on, the only really important thing, the sound:

Then there is simple and too bad if it was already said elsewhere, is transparency! It compresses as you want (possibly a lot!) But without changing an iota of the original sound. Impressive!
It can be seen as a good or not according to what you want, but in my opinion, color the sound is not a compressor ....

I mainly use the compression function Over Easy (the soft knee DBX what.) To record voice and acoustic guitar.


I use it for 2 days (yes I know it's not: I will come to an edit if necessary later!)
The best: the efficiency and transparency.
The least: you have to be honest, there is little adjustment but it's pretty subtle to find what you want to happen (we'll say he just know how to use a compressor, well, anyway, with a little ear, you get there !!!).

I have never used compressor that level but in terms of transparency, it is sufficient to compare the processed sound and the sound and untreated in terms of compression efficiency, well .... , same answer!

I just purchase in the 300 euros. I think it is newer and has been replaced by the DBX 160a (apart from the input / output XLR, I do not know the difference except that A is made in China and the X was Japan ....) which is around 500 euros new.

I think it's a good value but of course, home studio, you can do without this kind of tool. Finally it should be noted that one can also use it on stage, I was tough enough air for that!

I do it again this choice without any problems!

EDIT: well, that's more than a month that I use and I confirm my first impressions are:

completely transparent, super efficient, we must learn to adjust to their own needs, but you get there because the settings are very simple and so the ear is enough!