Samson Technologies S-Com Plus
Samson Technologies S-Com Plus

S-Com Plus, Studio compressor from Samson Technologies in the S Class series.

dj.Anonym67 10/03/2005

Samson Technologies S-Com Plus : dj.Anonym67's user review


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Compressor hanceur, desseur and double noise gate, all analog
inputs and outputs XLR and jack wholesale and MODEL is 2 rack units


For beginners a request for reading (manual quite correct) and quite a ESTING
but it's still pretty good even when the whole damn ...


The effects are effective but you still even a good enough ear to hear the diffrence ... I use it to mix records from scratch, and the sources are vinyl and the s-com + allows me to have a cleaner sound on my recordings


That was 2 years old I love all the planks, but it is true ticket costs when not in use ... I had heard a lot bringher I seriously deprecated and bbe against him by sounds better, but the report qualitprix the s-com + is a good Avestan, if I had to reselect my budget'd opt for samson but if I could I'll take a vraimment BBE