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Kibutz 09/13/2005

Symetrix 525 : Kibutz's user review


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Compressor / Gate Dual Mono Stereo linkable in.
Side chain on both mono.

Rglages threshold of the gate, compression threshold, ratio and gain.

Attack and release are automatic.

Jack connectors 6.35.


Trs simple to operate.

I use it in two cases:

- Live on the master (in insert). Threshold with a-5dB compression trslgre.
- In the "studio" for recording hardware synth. In this case, the range of rglage dja is more important.
We do not try for hours rglages suitable.
The side chain is a little more dlicat a run, but once we find the values ​​adquate, is your exact hyper INTERESTED.

J'apprcie particulirement the Tagus and the output gain SETTING THE trs effective.


Previous confirmation of the view: a loss in the lower spectrum.
(For an amateur like me, it allowed me to have a more "clean"). Finally I Submitted more flexibility on my EQ.

I do not think this compressor "color" the sound. In the limit that it short down the spectrum could think that sounds "cold" or "analytical".

A high volume while the clip light does not stay on continuously in the red, no distortion is heard.


I use it for a month and up Submitted I knew that the virtual compressors.

Good To take on this machine even though it is not partuculirement flexible. I think even the opposite is true: the rigor! It's true that this is not a compressor with which we approach music. But this is balanced by the prsence against a side chain input that allows more crative expriences.

Pay 250, I am satisfied with this compltement compressor that works more like the first day of purchase.