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jeffdevigneux 03/16/2005

Alesis MICRO GATE : jeffdevigneux's user review


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The MICRO GATE, released in 1989 in the MICRO SERIES of Alesis, then associated with Studio Electronics, is a processor numrique strophonique, Noise gate type (noise gate). In the photo above, the MICRO GATE is framed by the left and right MICRO LIMITER ENHANCER MICRO by, three processors put cte cte, allowed to form a rack 1 U You also guess that they should be connected by cables assymtriques-jack, so double O impdence high. In addition, MICRO GATE possdait is also a trigger from the rear, whose function will be prcise below. And that's it for connectivity, not even of MIDI.


Memory for the noise gate is that a system that only allows the audio signal, as del-a certain level of volume, rgl by the user using the potentiomtre Threschold, situ left when the threshold is crossed, the door opens to the audio signal but also noise and the blast with it; a gate is not an equalizer (equalizer), which would allow for 'attnuer the ronflte or breath in the signal. APRS the door closes, more or less quickly depending on your needs, thanks to potentiomtre spleen, located in the center. Finally potentiomtre the right, will delayvous Determines a "threshold of closure," infrieur at first, very practical for s'attnuent sounds gradually. This shows that the edition of MICRO GATE, intuitive and easy-reset the envelope of a synthtiseur. The manual is in French trs trs prcis and didactic.


Although sr, we can not have a gate, certainly professional, but entry-level functions trs evolve, such as the effect of hystrsis whose gnral rate is fixed, not adjustable by the user, it is necessary to compensate, as we have seen above, by extending the delay, but you get there.
Once obtained with the precision SETTING THE door, adjust your audio source, even if it is diversified, it quickly to change, then we disable the prfre MICRO GATE switch by a white on the front, just to hear a faint signal from another source. Using this processor trs useful, becomes indispensable, APRS compressor / limiter, which adds impetus to the signal, with a high degree of compression and rverb can be an effect of CRER "punch" to the percussive sounds: the gated reverb. More crative, the trigger function can crop a loop sampler wrong place (timing), add a snare by a white noise, etc ...
The trigger can take to avoid bounces above the door, providing a fix rate function.


I bought used in 1991 for $ 800 FF, while new, it was worth double!
I Do not hesitate to buy it back 50 euros, good condition before trying it!