AKG K 141 Monitor
AKG K 141 Monitor

K 141 Monitor, Studio headphone from AKG in the K 141 series.

Rivage 11/02/2005

AKG K 141 Monitor : Rivage's user review


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I have three years, and my grandmother used it for twenty years before me. I love her neutrality. I also have a audiotechnica less accurate. I got it for twenty euro Used (model vintage silver!). This choice I would do without hesitation, I have never heard better headphones (even the sony to 500 euros). About the ghost I would not talk about linearity, I am also surprised that some are mixing this because depending on the size of the ear canal of each certain frequencies will resonate differently (yes we are in space sealed in our escoutilles example led me right is wider and lower right bombard me with the headphone) and above there is no true stereo depth that requires interaction of the two sources with each of the two ears (but perhaps I am mistaken). Anyway the sound is pleasant, and still allows to get an idea of ​​its true that you listen.