djbios 08/21/2005

Sennheiser HD 25 : djbios's user review


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First, specify the context, I use these headphones primarily at night (I'm dj), also home listening. Bcp I tried to insist on the part of the ergonomic review, which I think is extremely important for a dj.

Level mechanical / ergonomic
The first two things that strike, in my opinion, what are the dimensions (it is very small and very light), and the simplicity of the frame.

No joints in all directions, tricks of the ergonomic Sony MDR 1200 or technics. Even if the headphone has a lot of settings, one is struck by the mechanical simplicity of the whole, and by corollary, its robustness. Everything revolves around two screws, no torque on plastic parts. In short, from a Sony MDR 700, I'm sure the plastic does not Petera in a few months due to torsion or shear. A very good point for headphones of this price.

In terms of ergonomics, we can find a stable position, which is used the headset with one or both ears. The listening ear is facilitated by the pivoting of the atrium opposite the one receiving the headphone. At most feel like a squeezing a little hard on the ears (the atria do not cover the whole ear) - is a bit annoying when you have glasses, but that's the price of the insulation acoustic headphones (I will return).

Another interesting thing, the headphone is made entirely symmetrical, ie it will react the same way you use it with the cable left or right (which was not the case sony mdr 700, where the joints do not react the same way that we put the cable on the left or right). Purists will answer that does not return a headphone, it reverses the stereo, but, frankly, djing, who cares. on the other hand, it's interesting to have the cable at the ear is used.

A little less ergonomic, is that the quick check (basically, you take a second headset that brings qq to the ear to check the beat-matching) is not easy. 25sp from the hd and sony mdr 700, which are very strong in this area with their multiple axes of rotation, I find this a shame, but it is related to the mechanical architecture of the headphone (you can not have butter and ...) It is not easy to calibrate the on the ear with the shoulder, if you use your headphone like that, choose another model.

The cable is quite short (1.5m) and very end, it ends with a bent end (good, less stress on the connector and less discomfort in the console) which receives an adapter 3.5/6.35. The relatively small size of the cable is both an advantage and a disadvantage: we do not take their feet in (what happened to me dozens of times with the hd 25 sp), but it will remove the headphones to go search for records. I would have 50cm long, but I'm glad Sennheiser cable does not use "phone", bcp more heavy, bulky and awkward (in my opinion). Note that the cable comes on a single headset (good compared to the hd 25 sp) and is replaceable.

Moreover, almost all parts of the headphone are easily replaceable, which is an advantage and bcp lengthen the life of the headphone. The mechanical simplicity still paying in this area.
Noise level
The hallmark of this headset is its isolation from the environment, and actually is very impressive. Basically, the attenuation of ambient noise is such that we can work with a moderate level (your ears will thank you). This characteristic is so marked that it takes a little getting used to having no room at the back of the ear you use for the preview. Once you get used to it, it's a huge advantage.

As a closed headphone, the bass is a little slobbery, but nothing dramatic, it is still in a good stereo headset (I compared with a relatively open Philips high-end, the Sennheiser did nothing to be ashamed). I find the treble a little behind, it is subjective and may be due to auditory fatigue, but it can be a bit annoying to mix if you synchronize the rhythm on the treble.

Finally, the headphone has an excellent performance, high power can cash before you say an inch, you'll be deaf before he surrendered.

A headphone serious, robust, good quality sound and built to last. If you are a fashion victim, go your way, if you look good no frills tool to assist you in recent years, the ideal candidate. Recommended.