Ultrasone PRO 550
Ultrasone PRO 550

PRO 550, Studio headphone from Ultrasone in the PRO series.


Ultrasone PRO 550 : Anonymous 's user review

«  Very correct helmet »

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I use this model for four months.

This is the first headphone I try to monitoring. (For cons I've tried many headsets hifi)

The peculiarities that I love most:
- A neutral, almost cold, with low specific that does not saturate nor invade any hearing as it is fashionable today.

- Its case / hard case, two cables screw (a right for small jack and a great twist to Jack), his replacement pads.

For fans: foldable headphones, headsets can be rotated 90 degrees.

The specifics I like least:
- Perhaps a lack of fishing in general. If you push the volume is louder, but it did no more fishing. Had I known, I would have expected the test to try the FY BeyerDynamic (ahceter and, who knows?).

Value for money: slightly excessive. I say this based on the competition which sells models of the same range up to 40-50 € less!

With experience, I read the test of AF: https://fr.audiofanzine.com/casque/beyerdynamic/DT-770-Pro/editorial/tests/comparatif-6-casques-a-150. html ...

And I probably would have bought the BeyerDynamic ...

That said, I am very glad Ultrasone this is my first headphone quality for mixing and there is very correct, it does very well the work that I entrusted him: simply, we poor humans, always want more!