SUB-8, Studio subwoofer from ADAM in the Sub series.

theaudioandvideoguy 05/30/2012

ADAM SUB-8 : theaudioandvideoguy's user review

« Good solid bass »

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If you are in need of a solid sub that is affordable and will provide that clean low end frequencies no matter what type of music you make or listen to, the ADAM Sub 8 could be just what you are looking for. The response on this is very good, all of the low end sounds are very well balanced and don’t get muddy. As long as you have this place on good surface or floor you will have no problems getting good low end even if the room is large or if it is small. Make sure you have too other monitors that will complement this sub and you will have a complete sound that you can get some master like quality in.


Sound is great, make sure you cut off some of the real real low frequencies as you should always do in your master mix because most systems cant even pick up that low end so why have sound going through it. Its almost like wasting energy by letting that low end run below 50 or so. (or whatever you like your master to cut off depending on what type of music you make also.)


Overall, I have not a single complaint with the Adam Sub 8 its priced accordingly and you get what you pay for anyways so its well worth the investment. I never really realized how much a difference a good quality sub would make untill I started using these. I use it almost every day now, and plan on looking at some bigger subs for my other studio that is at a friends house. You wont be disappointed with the ADAM Sub 8. It will give your music that clean low end you need and without give it that muddy bass that will wobble and give your music a nasty sound.