Audiophony ABASS
Audiophony ABASS

ABASS, Subwoofer from Audiophony.

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THEbeast65 01/03/2005

Audiophony ABASS : THEbeast65's user review


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I bought a pair for my complter A15 (a little lower limits).
I t just by the sound of the beginners, because the little boxes dlivrent infrabass. But it must be that I prciser branch with the speakers on one and the same amp 850 watts, is perhaps the is the problem. Maybe that's tapping into an amp hand, with a crossover, I would get a better return ...
But it also dpend place because I did rcemment a night in a ballroom of enciron 200 m, t and I caught the performance, silent sound perfect.
So here I think it's a pretty good deal for a low price, but with a filter, it should be possible to maximize the 300 WattsRMS of each box.