B.corde Chiltone CG7-S118nd
B.corde Chiltone CG7-S118nd

Chiltone CG7-S118nd, Subwoofer from B.corde.

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BassWalk 04/19/2009

B.corde Chiltone CG7-S118nd : BassWalk's user review


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Come on, I start my turn to express my appreciation also. S. Rope me and reconnatra may be better!
I now have enough experience (6 months for my first sub and a year and a half for the heads) to give an opinion on this hardware prcis especially as my 2nd box has arrived .
These two subs come in two complment Chilton 400x V2.

A little reminder for REFERENCE, I resumed my bills ... Sailing:
HP subs = Beyma 18p1200nd
HP heads 12PLB76 = B & C, B & C DE160 1 inch Pavilion RCF H101
Dynacord CL1600 amp = (500W/8ohms, 1 amp per ct)
Active filters = Pro DCX2496 Behringer UltraDrive

My goal is not to disassemble the walls but to reproduce with the highest possible Fidler music stores and collect the dynamics of my DIFFERENT keyboards, guitars and other arrangers while simplicity and reliability.
It therefore seems appropriate in this case to use HP quality (filters carefully to the heads) and good enough power amplifiers to work half or at most to 3 / 4 of their maximum power. (500 watts in my case well enough for me). It must also CONTRL level sources. The pros will tell me if I'm wrong!

The 400x V2 I liked very much their ability to reproduce music from a Manir "Live". Ct that's what I've always liked nergique and I was looking for. It is clear, lively, ar prcis (it is without difficulty each musician: trs good width and depth of field). The scne before us! He just missed, my got, the "base" is to say the grave.

The subs S118nd provide the foundation complies with Systmes complete high: power, roundness, magnitude, and never be rough even low. You should not take the risk of disruption and the excellent gcher 400x V2.
Here, everything is just ism and balance. You your ... scne on!

My equalizer is just me, this must be a sign of good cohrence between lments DIFFERENT.
The DCX is doing its job.

If we compare it with the HiFi, there is nothing do with precisely these so-called well-packed chains HiFi for COD to the result, but bland and tufts. Good sr chains do exist, but sell for the price of gold, can not accept instruments and lack power. It is in a living room in front of his tl. And the better! it is also necessary for households possdant new flat screen LCD dpourvus of speakers worthy of the name! Any fawn is not the same applications, not the same need and not the same world. In short, this is not comparable. This is just to say "PA" does not mean that power and performance, it also means, with Chilton High Fidler size ... So skip the Bolro Maurice Ravel (to quote a composition that everyone connate) and you will see, forgiveness, understanding ..!
I also recommend to you another IDE in another register, the excellent live album by Van Morrison "It's too late to stop now."

We all have a natural tendency to express our or our mcontentement dceptions. It is also good to show our satisfaction, our hardware choices and human (I think the other person before us when purchasing).
That's what I'm doing here.
To conclude, I believe that the use, Systm is the powerful, efficient and versatile while remaining affordable. It is of great quality.
A choice that sduira musicians but also some all-terrain or other mlomanes beautiful music enthusiasts.