Behringer Eurolive B1800X PRO
Behringer Eurolive B1800X PRO

Eurolive B1800X PRO, Subwoofer from Behringer in the Eurolive series.

janclode 08/18/2007

Behringer Eurolive B1800X PRO : janclode's user review


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- How long have you use it? since June 2005
- What is the particular feature you like most?
800W RMS. 101 dB / W / 1m = 130dB!
Deutsche low that does not bleed, impact assurbr /> correct finish trs
- What is the particular feature you like least?
not below
no soft
front grille that vibrates on high power
HP cable worthy of an extension of lighting (I have to think to replace)
agglomra of wood, not plywood for bnisterie hence the weight.

We must abandon the PASSIVE mode or a low pass filter food max power and there is no EHJV, more bass seems blurred Dfine ill.
I use AMP BI-mode (crossover bypass), amplified by an EP2500 bridged mono sub (1300W/8ohms). No problem on HP provides, and the amp rgime of cruise .....
in active filtering (50 to 100Hz), the corresponding association with rglages 2 15G2 ons.
15G2 ons for 2, a sub is enough!! given sound pressure.
I use a total of 4 and 2 sub ons 15G2 1800X pro.

- Have you tried many other models before acqurir?

- How do you report qualitprix?

- With the exprience, you do again this choice? ...
not because it is intended MODEL clientle a good target.
If you have a budget impact lover who pushes the rib cage and electro house music etc ... works well.
Otherwise there are better but more expensive .....