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JBL 4560
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Ilo Ilo
Publié le 05/13/06 à 00:01
I personally use this set of speakers for 6 years in multiple configurations:
initially in eight sound acompagné Subwoofers with indoor 18G50 in the 4560 case of JBL E140 Beyma 15M300 then the medium and the first acute and then JBL 2440 the DE700 B & C, plus a Beyma CP21 tweeter Alnico to clear up the top.

Trs these cases were quickly my costs in major domestic use with the sides and top covered with oak Solid s'intger in a salon.
The indoor parroies t have milked the bitumen, I also clogs the cts flag and have filled with sand Prior Scher oven to remove all the moisture r RESULT of two isolations cancel vibration and provide a dynamic amliore greatly from the basic version.

The particular feature I like most is the sound sr! Trs dynamic (about 105dB rel audessus of 200Hz and a little less below (about 102dB when one considers the pice of raisonnace) up to 50Hz when the winds are not unobtrusive, if not up to about 160Hz.
The prsence in the low and lower mdium is impressive the first ds watts in stereo sound as we are impressed by the cost can can give a 38cm in a house, do not EXAGRES either, this is not 4550 in the grave! The big advantage of the pavilion is that a file rather high and it becomes easy to leads connected a 1 "(try a DE16 B & C) or when a large motor 2" with a tweeter to reproduce the mythical three-way !

What I like least is a size (in home) and weight (in sound)! O On 9 / 10.

Then, if you really want to learn the full potential it is essential to a 15 "adapted to the E140 is that for which the fund is Designed but has become rare as any fragile sound to and from nophyte I've stolen my JBL components of the same while I found good substitutes results: the Beyma 15M300 (now replaced by the 15Mi100) gives a good trs made for use with subwoofer . For use up to 50hz, I think of Precison Devices PD153 which is close to the E140 hp trs these parameters by T & S. Some adptes use with 2226H, I have not found personellemnt this terrible HP JBL in "modern" the 2227H (nanmoins stop manufacturing) is more adapted to my mind. In stereo, the Supravox 400-2000 can be an excellent choice, as the fabulous Fluxmag 1505H manufactured by HP Services. In certain sound REFERENCE Fane (15 "SERIES of Colossus) and RCF (L15/554K, 15S800) may also agree, even if the Precision Devices PD153 is I find most attractive, without having tried it ...

If you have the space (a pice of at least 100m3 with a distance of costing is ncessaire 4/5m) and a companion so conciliatory is a good compromise performance / bandwidth / price because can remain passive to cover a bandwidth of 50Hz 20kHz, staying audessus of 100dB, but the place was scarce at home, I'll have me Sparer hlas ...
In short, this is a forum for passionate aficionados of the brand!