the box TA 18
the box TA 18

TA 18, Subwoofer from the box.

JazzmanPauvre 06/30/2014

the box TA 18 : JazzmanPauvre's user review

«  sub amp for bass guitar: wow! »

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Value For Money : Correct
Purchased currently three weeks.

This is my first sub.
Purchased to complete my bass guitar amp especially for benefits outside.

So far I had only played on small sound systems HK Lucas, Martin + 2x400W Harrison VMOS without sub, thebox CL112 (really small) Bose L1 and bass amps Trace Elliot 4x12, Hartke 4x10, 1x15 craft, Peavey 1x15, 2x12 Hartke.

I use a head ashdown little giant 350 + speaker 15 "+ 2 tweeters bullet, I was looking for a good quality sound (with accompanying songs and jazz fretless bass Cort B4FL.) The 15" amp should be supplemented by a sub 18 "to be consistent.

Characteristics (not very rigorously presented ...)
This is a 1x18 active sub "type band-pass.
The SPL is given to 131dB, I have not measured but fellow musicians who were in the audience (outdoor concert) liked.
BP announced 35 to 250Hz, without elaborating.
500W power advertised, unspecified either, but it's really the powerful use.
Weight 45kg. Puree.
Dimensions 70 x 58 x 53cm.
Seen by a transformer vent ring indicating an analog amp, probably MOS-FET power saw serious.

Appreciation for the use
After a break of 3 concerts in 1 room + outside with a stone wall behind the TA18 proved more than enough for projecting at least 10m, without help from a wall, or on the back or on the sides or front cover. Bandwidth gradually decreasing soil at low E (49-41 Hz), but I had fallen low by security because I play without limiter. Bass between 2-channel Soundcraft EPM6 a left exit for ashdown head 15 "and right output for the TA18 (XLR only) to equalize separately.

+ High sound pressure felt in outside at least 10 meters
+ Bass quality, correct linearity "walking bass" (test fatal to poorly designed boxes)
+ No ear fatigue after 2 hours, confirming linearity (for a band-pass)
+ XLR connectors (without locking, but hey ...)
+ Low-pass filter with adjustable cutoff frequency 80 ... 250Hz, extremely useful
Phase inversion switch +
+ Solid cabinet

- 45 kg. Transport with the devil and strap, two people to the stairs.
- Tendency to tilt during transport, poorly balanced with handles.
- Congestion
- Doc in English and German, and overly concise.

Do not know:
- XLR outputs for satellites do not filtered air (doc dumb), but I have not checked. At least they exist.
- No input jack, but it is normal for the sound equipment.

Quality / Price
Remarkable. For amateur equipment is strong, powerful, clean, seemingly well built. Reliability: appointments in one year.
There are better and lighter for the same power, but not at all the same price.
The audience really enjoyed the sound quality (outdoor, 100).
I would say almost professional equipment first prize (provided that you stick a fake label "Nexo" Just kidding In addition I do not like too Nexo.).

A remake or not?
For this particular purpose, the TA18 is a remarkable reinforcement, very reasonably priced, clean and powerful sound. I would have liked a dry sound a little more (to pay with 12 "or 15" front). I have not tested the bass drum above.

Well, it's heavy, but at this price and given the performance, I do not see how I could regret it.