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nova akropola 03/04/2005

Novation KS Rack : nova akropola's user review


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Rack facade with pots pots are of good quality circular linear Masila I think it will age very evil against facade and the carcass is sturdy
the connection is correct with no separate output path multitimbralitbr /> 16 poly unsine sounds good in quantity even if not indicative of the capabilities of the machine


Manuel nickel English
edition sounds intuitive, and the few sub-menus are accessible enough to avoid the edition through a soft
ditto for the effects an easy very easy to take over this subject all is cool


1 - It is an electronic oreint is the base electro trance dance and say business (factory sounds sound like they give a course dja ide (small) capacity of the machine

The realism of sound and rhodes is wurliter etonnat and the few of percu
the rest is not a sample player has a reason or the mc909

2-effects are good but too flat for the reverb to be used very sparingly because very vague and fuzzy say the pice reverbr is full of fog (that one image)
the distortion sounds very digital chorus and phaser very CS1x it is far from small stones or effect analog back properly but it gives relief

3 - expression Nicke nothing to say just running too short of controllers that can harm the edition

You can reach the ground soft and scalable (use of performance) of cool noises (with the possibility to mount the LFO in the audible and zap fm .....) blips of the noises of the kraft bass Pansonic has a pulse and intestinal gurgling (without the smell) and lead well cool


Home for a week I like the compactness of the solid casing exits separated maneuverability easy to edit the sound quality and the relief and diversity and how sound and how to synchronize all hypersaw that moves

I like some effects in. (too much or too blurry digital) slides that seem fragile plant that banks do not represent the possibility of the machine and especially the absence of modulation matrix and choice in the order of effects I would say that it is the only missing from this powerful Becane

I aceti 438 Roros Thomann for that price I definitely do it again like in France ... 899 in France a year Thomann warranty ...... 2

it's not the machine of the century but for those like me who want a touch of pseudo analogue without switching a PC .... but I advise you Listen to the before and especially since the demo and tweak the sounds of plants are misleading power ....