Rhythmic Robot NanoMod 1: Rich Pads
Rhythmic Robot NanoMod 1: Rich Pads

NanoMod 1: Rich Pads, Synthesizer Sample from Rhythmic Robot in the NanoMods series.

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Rhythmic Robot NanoMod Series

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Rhythmic Robot offers Kontakt user a series of very affordable tweakable wave libraries designed for sonic creation.

The NanoMod Series currently features 6 libraries, each available for £3 and dedicated to a single instrument or drum part. Rhythmic Robot used several analog waveforms in a smart synthesis engine and offers a reduced, yet essential, number of controls for these waves in a custom GUI. Smart control means that changing the value of one knob can also affect the values or behavior of other controls :

  • 2 filter banks in series : Grit and Smooth
  • Proprietary Glitch to randomize all the parameters
  • Envelope: allows for morphing between 5 types of envelopes (blips, tines, swells, reverses and organs)
  • Punch: adds compression and distortion
  • Glow: chorus and ambiant reverb
  • Shimmer: modulation effects to add movement to the pitch and amplitude, and even slapback delay at higher levels
  • Warmth: uses elements that add analog-style instability
  • Bend: replaces the Glow control in the drum libraries
  • EQ: replaces the Warmth control in the drum libraries


The “melodic” libraries are based on two blendable waveforms sampled from hardware analog synths ; rhythmic libraries use 8 waves which cannot be blended.

Some info about each library:

  • Rich Pads : create pads, synthscapes, strings… wave 1 is a triangle, wave 2 is a sawtooth generated by 2 oscillators and sent to a SuperSawtor
  • Cool Reeds: dedicated to reed organ sound ; wave 1 mixes a real reed organ sound to a synthesized pulse wave, wave 2 combines detuned and layered pulse waves which are synthesized for a fatter sound than wave 1
  • Kick: drum library with 8 waves modeled or inspired by classic drum machines and synths (Yamaha MR10, Vermona Syncussion, TR-808/909, Roland R5)
  • Hot Brass: a wide variety of brass sounds with 2 waves based on the Yamaha CS10/CS30 and Korg Lambda
  • Analog Bass: for any bass variation, with a square wave from the SH7 and wave 2 with a slightly distorted triangle wave combined to a sinus sub-oscillator pitch one octave below
  • Snare: completes the Kick library in the drum arsenal ; the first 4 wave are analog and the other 4 are digital

Discover these NanoMods and listen to audio demos of each library at www.rhythmicrobot.com.

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