Arobas Music Guitar Pro 4
Arobas Music Guitar Pro 4

Guitar Pro 4, Tablature Editor from Arobas Music.

Berzin 11/11/2005

Arobas Music Guitar Pro 4 : Berzin's user review


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The installation is without difficulty. The software offers many languages: it's good. I have not encountered any problems.


I use a process 1.8 Ghz, HDD 40 GB Again, no problem in terms of performance. It's going pretty quickly that way.


I use this software (GP3 and GP4) for three years. Before, I liked because it allowed TablEdit also write music theory. The use of GP is very convincing, it's simple and intuitive, but there are major defects:
-Notation of rhythm could be better: the difference between a black (long tail) and white (short tail) is not obvious.
-The impression is not sufficiently configurable. It's a shame.
-The most serious failure is the inability to write one more voice, the guitar is a polyphonic instrument, guys! Build a solo rock is simple, but writing a classical piece to two or three voices, is less so. The result is very difficult to read tablature. Example: I simultaneously a high-pitched voice with two notes, and a bass with a black. Well I'm going to write a note and not a black bass. Too bad.
We put that on behalf of the relatively low price.