Arobas Music Guitar Pro 5
Arobas Music Guitar Pro 5

Guitar Pro 5, Tablature Editor from Arobas Music.

Geo la bidouille 03/13/2012

Arobas Music Guitar Pro 5 : Geo la bidouille's user review

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Installation is simple and classic.
The interface is a bit old.
The use is done quickly and without need to read the manual.
Entry in tablature is faster and easier than in music theory


This software is not greedy and does not need to have a "racing machine".
stable and predictable but I regret that one is forced to return the agreements one by one on the partition if you will even appear on behalf of them on the score. Very big waste of time to ultimately have a single partition with a melody line and chords noted above!


+ Can export to PDF, bmp, MDI, ...
+ Libraries with chord recognition and proposed different fingerings.
- Interface sad and a little dated (on the new revamped version)