Power Tab v1.x
Power Tab v1.x

v1.x, Tablature Editor from Power Tab.

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Guitarihno 06/30/2005

Power Tab v1.x : Guitarihno's user review


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Installation very simple (which is an installation, ie: you click, you choose a folder, it installs!;)
No incompatibility (of 2 configuration diffrent which a silent low-end laptop).
Configuration gnrale fairly simple and fairly close to guitar pro, so Quick.
Only BMOL this software, as aid is in English! So connatre ever so slightly the language of Shakespeare is more than useful! ;)


Power Tab (until proven otherwise) works on all configurations (I think even he could work on a Game Boy!: P).
This performance approaches that of the Guitar Pro, by the number of tracks, and the fact that there is no battery. But hey, this is a tablature editor what!
The point at least, that's some bugs in the seizure of certain notes (like the 6, on all the lines that do rtrcir the size of the measure, but it's good ngligeable! ).


I use this program since I've Discoveries (4 years ago) and frankly I'm really super happy knowing that in addition it is totally free!
What I do use it, is that it is a little prs as good as Guitar Pro (edition, reading, printing tabs, etc. ....), and even a few points better ! Namely:
- Being able to implement several measures in same time a type of effect (Palm mute, harmonics, transposition of ropes or hoops, or both, .....).
-The fact that the rendering of effects is more Russian than pro Guitar (vibrato effects, the slides (all!), Harmonics (where the little notes to choose the rendering difficult to obtain such as "pinch harmonics" or any natural harmonics of sleeves!).
-Having the tab and the corresponding door just above!
-Being able CRER rhythm tracks just by asking agreements above the door! (No need to write tons of simple rhythmic line and take a crazy place (Maiden fans and others will understand me!)!
-That is all or nearly paramtrable (all that has been little need for comprhension and reading a tab => time, tempo, coda, segno, agreements, all effects, the police , etc ....)
-The fact that there have a dictionary of scales and chords!
-The fact that it, and it's really important for trs tablature editor I find very very beautiful!! You have to see to understand, rendering the print is really neat and trs trs pro!
-That it is free! Software of this quality for nothing, was a pleasure! ;)

Anyway, I inflames me.
In conclusion, I would say that this software is a real gem for those who want to either record their Creations as quickly and easily as possible, either for those who want to print their tab with a professional!