Denon DJ DN-S1000
Denon DJ DN-S1000

DN-S1000, Tabletop DJ player from Denon DJ.

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cedricp16 05/05/2005

Denon DJ DN-S1000 : cedricp16's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
I use this board for the past one month and a half. I waited before DPOS notice to make it more objective.
I think this board is a very very good report quality price especially for DJ electro / house / tek / dance / trance / progress etc ... effects are effective when they are utiliss, two loops with exit point of ditable Manir pretty simple ... The effects are really well made board, and only the fact that his plate is not more motorized and prevents it from becoming a good price for quality DJ Hip Hop RnB etc..
The BPM counter is not the most prcis not the fastest but I personally use it just to give me an order and then I refine ide quick ear, it allows me to save time and anyway, even with extra counters prcis I always verifies, we never know ...
The master tempo (key adjust) works well even 100%, and finally that's a fair test because in tural use the + / -100 %....
MMOs are used to store information for 1000 runs, with each track, the tempo, the two loops (or two hot start after use), the CUE point etc ... Only BMOL, they are not linkable. Too bad.
It is not three years since I use them, but I mix mini 1h/day weekdays and weekends in 3H, and they have ben mcaniquement not move. The plateau nor did.

I tried the DN-S3000: If you're not a DJ Hip Hop RnB etc, forget, no value added for extra cost.
The DN-S5000: Trs well veiled but good budget .... It'll have t my choice if I had adapted to the budget.
As a result I tried ben home Pio The models that I find too expensive compared Denon function equivalent (and still functions suprieure Denon).

I will exprience with a crdit the consolidated 17.82% / year and I would take the 5000. Otherwise yeah, I recommend the 1000. Frankly good little machines.