Denon DJ DN-S5000
Denon DJ DN-S5000

DN-S5000, Tabletop DJ player from Denon DJ.

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Dj 2ni 60 06/25/2004

Denon DJ DN-S5000 : Dj 2ni 60's user review


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I have two DN 5000 for 3 months.

LOW POINT: The board does not respond as well as the pioneer to make up the tempo mix, which is a shame because this is the first application has a function that platinum can mix well ...! Maybe one day come out DENON pach an implementation date for this problem has remdier, Espron ...!

STRENGTHS: everything else ....! I began: memories of DENON, with the possibility of two loops mmoriser + CUE point per track, so 12 tracks on a CD, you can mmoriser a CUE and two loops on each of the 12 tracks, with recall or memory and not allowing manual mmorisation to other loops without erasing the memory. all this is impossible in pioneer ....! the Denon is very strong .... BRAVO.

I continue .... LOOPS: you can make a loop in the middle of the song, we return to the point of CUE, we start reading, and when the reader arrives at the loop-loop .... it makes sense. .... but not at home .... PIONEER PIONEER is not known to loop during playback, it must be live at risk of harm to the Denon ....... still BRAVO .

It is also not on track 2 (for ex.) To a hot start that sends us on track 3, one that sends us with a loop on the track 9 and a cue point on the track 2, and m Morise all on track 2 ..... it works and when it recalls the memory later, we find all this without problem.

Small detail: the DN 5000, we can disassemble the tray, insert a drawing done on PC's logo and the set up, it works great and it seems to have felt like a vinyl CLASS TOO ....

Another detail you can read MP3 CDs .... but with a hot start and only a single loop, and pert as the alpha track but we get to the place the "reserve track" as the DN 3000

MIROR MIX: super like effect with the main outputs track & track alpha 2-track spares on the mixer with the cross fader is going to hand track of the miror cho mix .... super simpa effect as a function of time delay chosen one ...

For résumé, if a plateau DN 5000 was responding as the PIONEER in the mix, I think that would be the best stage of the market without question .... but it's true that mixing it with PIONEER really easy and natural, whereas with the DN5000, it takes some getting used to and it is not always empty.

I think I would do nanmois the same choice if I had to buy a platinum aujiourd'hui.