JB Systems CD 100
JB Systems CD 100

CD 100, Tabletop DJ player from JB Systems.

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BH production 06/20/2006

JB Systems CD 100 : BH production's user review


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I bought this not n'absolument M **** of "platinum" and yes I put in parentheses the word platinum. In short they were at my disposal at a gala evening of dance, no matter short, these are the plates I will say to the kids who want to speed up the fun music or slow down (pitch)

Qualities: euuuuuuuhh ............. ah so when you do "eject" the sound of the valve layer which at once makes me laugh, it's only for AC, if it's corny!

The defaults ah the good, the world is, then already part design, research etc. .. no top, also good for 149 Then ... No antishock (big mistake) LCD screen trs fragile (on those that lends me, one step was missing death one-half numbers ... therefore found a sik walou!) Then continue in the defaults, they find the time and she wanted to track the spear, you have the time to piss allre! The pitch is lagging .. You move an inch, you have the change in velocity after 2 seconds and no more precision in the pitch Finally: The RCA jacks for output of the plate, beh euhhhh one I messing around (and it was not the cable because they were new) had to support a weight for the sound Str o if I had a working speaker)

DEFINITIONS therefore, to conclude on this jewelry, I think there is a better quality in the competition, but having said that for this price range of, do not expect to see the Pioneer or the Denon between the legs

I put the note 1 / 10 just for the sound of slamming drawers a cd loool I still laugh!

Make the good choice dj;)