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JimboSpins 03/21/2013

Numark NDX400 : JimboSpins's user review

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The Numark NDX 400 was in my set up from around the summer of 2011 up until the summer of 2012. It help up very good and never gave me any issues. The only issue that I would encounter with it is with the CD’s. They had to be pretty much flawless with no smudges or scratches on this. This is very difficult to do when you are working with so many disks and a lot of times they get smudges and finger prints on them. When this would happen it would cause major issues with the playability of the disk in the NDX 400.
Setting this unit up was pretty simple, it only took a few minutes and the good thing about is that you do not even need the manual to learn how to work it because it is pretty self explanatory.
This unit is not very heavy and does not have anything to really weigh it down to the table since it cannot be racked. This was not an issue for me but for some it could be because the whole thing could start to slide depending on the user and the table that it is sitting on.
It was very easy to cue up the tracks and work with the playback modes and get my playlist in order with this unit. This unit will not even skip if it is bumped like a lot of other units that are in this same price range. The only issue is if the disk get a little dirty it could cause some major problems which is normal for most all CD players but it seemed to be magnified with this console from Numark. I ended up using my flash drive via USB connection with it most of the time just to avoid the whole CD issue that I had to deal with. The NDX 400 is a solid unit, but in this price range there are other units that will deliver a better quality.