Pioneer CDJ-1000 MK2
Pioneer CDJ-1000 MK2

CDJ-1000 MK2, Tabletop DJ player from Pioneer in the CDJ series.

LePremierMinistre 05/10/2005

Pioneer CDJ-1000 MK2 : LePremierMinistre's user review


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User CDJ 1000 MKII version for 1 month. J'apprcie its robustness, precision controls and intuitiva orders. Of course, great sound, that comes from Fawn homogne.

MODELS essays compared

Denon DNS 3000 and 5000: Good turntable, but trs complex and unreliable as many users. Denon DNS 1000, a little gadget, a little expensive.

Numark CDX 1: very good scratch, mp3 playback, but effects trs means, tainted by its hiss. I do not speak of "famous bug" Numark, which can happen in the middle reading (APRS VCU 20 minutes of use). In addition, the controls are less accessible than a pioneer.

Technics SlDz 1200: Fairly good platinum, average effects, look terrible, but a turntable inoperable due to a gap between the "felt" and the base. In addition, the pitch is too flexible and does not allow rglage prcis speed. Damage

In the end, the CDJ 1000 MKII is the REFERENCE in terms of precision, robustness and reliability. The reverse function allows CRER trs sounds nice live. The loop is trs own, the connection inaudible. Finally, three Hot Cue calluses are the hair, and suffer no lag when they are seeking.

Note, the CD TEXT function, which displays the title of the current track, or the display of the waveform of the track to see the idle time (not beat) according to the progression of the title and cue points.

I put 10 without hsiter.