Pioneer CDJ-1000
Pioneer CDJ-1000

CDJ-1000, Tabletop DJ player from Pioneer in the CDJ series.

dj-m-rick 05/22/2003

Pioneer CDJ-1000 : dj-m-rick's user review


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The very best to mix scratch
From scratch to mix through the programming, the DJ needs to impose new rules, a range of skins all sound more original than the others and go deeper into the technical performance.

Today, pushing the boundaries of creativity, the Pioneer CDJ-1000 is the first stage to offer faithfully the characteristics of analog turntables in the digital environment.
The Pioneer CDJ-1000 introduces a new vision of art in addressing the mix and a new generation of DJs.

Include some of these revolutionary features:

The multifunction Jog 1 can make a selection in "vinyl" or "CDJ". Mixes, the "Back Spin", the "cues" or scratches while offering unrivaled sound quality.

2 With the Wave display, Pioneer global innovation, it is now possible to make a "cue" absolute precision on a track as easily than with vinyl.
The new digital instrument can read every CD track by specifying the sound level corresponding graph.

3 With the removable memory of the CDJ-1000, Pioneer exclusive, the DJ can program his "cues", his favorite points of loops and store them in full on a media card.

4 Precisely, the function Real Time Seamless Loop adjusts to
perfect points of attack and release of a perfect loop.

1 - The Pioneer CDJ-1000 allows instant switching from "vinyl" to "CDJ".

By selecting the "vinyl" or manual control Direct (CMD), the DJ performs "back spin" and scratches with a clear and genuine.
For example, the technique of "back spin", dramatic sound effect achieved with a sudden impulse to the rear disk is now possible with the new "Jog" multifunctional, offering accuracy and fidelity copies.
2 - The Wave Vinyl Colour display symbolizes the accuracy with technological performance.

This new patented design allows you to instantly view all of each track of a CD as a DJ could of course do it with a vinyl.
Information in a full track can be displayed and read in less than 20 seconds, unheard of!
Indeed, it is possible to graphically display the sound level of each track on the CD.
Thus, with obvious ease of use, this new feature revolutionizes the construction of pieces by promoting further technical DJ's.
3-The Pioneer CDJ-1000 is the first stage to incorporate a dual system of internal and removable memory.

The removable memory of the CDJ-1000 in the form of multimedia card (MMC) is a technological masterpiece.
It offers a great opportunity for programming and data storage (Wave, cues, loops) from CD perfect for reuse.
For example, 500 000 data points with an 8MB card,
1 million points with a 16 MB card
The removable MMC card can reuse the data at will and on any CDJ-1000 but also leave no time limit.

4 - The technique has no limits with the "Real Time Seamless Loop" of the Pioneer CDJ-1000.

The fit of the points of entry and exit of a loop in real time is now possible.
After adjustment, the loop can be played in continuity or stopped without disrupting the smooth running of the musical sequence.

Indeed, with the keys Hot Cue (sampler) and Loop In / Loop Out, no need to stop the music to restart a loop because the information is already stored quickly and easily.
Main features of the Pioneer CDJ-1000.
• The broader "Jog" multifunction of the world, with integrated display
• Direct Control Manual (scratch, cue, brake and release)
• Selection mode "Vinyl" or "CDJ"
• Internal memory or removable (as a multimedia card) for storage of "cues", "loops
• Reverse Play Instant
• Setting the points of attack and loop out
• Instant start (3 cue points per CD for each track)
• Cursor linear tempo reset command (reset button)
• Control the tempo to + / - 6, 10, 16 and now 24%
• 16 seconds anti-shock memory
• BPM Counter
• Technology Pioneer vibration for transportation
• Technology Wide Range of Pioneer-exclusive The analog / digital conversion Legato Link gives the CD a more "analog" (excellent return of frequencies)
• Locking and protecting the drive when it is opened
• Digital output