Pioneer CDJ-200
Pioneer CDJ-200

CDJ-200, Tabletop DJ player from Pioneer in the CDJ series.

dave-xxx 04/04/2005

Pioneer CDJ-200 : dave-xxx's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
Those who have an opinion DSIR Global test of a person with both the denon DNS-1000/3000/5000 CDJ-100/200/1000 Pioneer DMP-550 and it is here: Here I come acqurir of the CDJ-200, I am not a follower of one brand or another, at least for Pioneer and Denon, but there are particularities according to the same two brands: Denon pr decision, pioneer (except DMP-550) robustness and reliability. There's nothing to do, all the Denon I had hands, it was sooner or later the problem mcaniques (heavy use). Never had this kind of problem with pioneer (certainly the oil shock and efficient trs mchanisme loading cd). The big difference between pio and denon certainly is almost forced to use the jog in pio (and price!). drrange which often adept denon. But then I started APRS MP3, I admit that none of all existing products meet me! denon lack of precision mp3 (and some effect not available for MP3, slow loading, and more especially vibrate strongly with the original cd: ineligible for products in this range! rem: when using CD-ROM pc must not ask for more). ditto for Pioneer DMP-550 a total dooope!. That's when j'apris out of the Pioneer CDJ-200 pseudo successor to the 100 with MP3, LOOP and more! I thought why not, you never know! your exact more than surprising! no vibration, mcanisme loading the same as the CDJ-100 (as well say incomparable), charging whatever the cd (orig, MP3, CDs are engraved with a rapidity unparalleled! short, cdj-100 more AND INTEGRATION precision of total mp3, they are used just like a original cd! conclusion: Exceeds all that exists (and say that I swore by the DNS-5000) in robustness, fast and precision! endurance level, I used for 12 hours now, without any stress. On or report Qualitprix superb. However, those who like scratching and other effects will dcu. Now all dpend what you want to do!