DiMarzio DP177 True Velvet T Neck
DiMarzio DP177 True Velvet T Neck

DP177 True Velvet T Neck, Telecaster guitar pickup from DiMarzio in the Standard Tele series.

tjon901 12/25/2011

DiMarzio DP177 True Velvet T Neck : tjon901's user review

« True Velvet smoothness in your Telecaster »

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The True Velvet Telecaster neck pickup is to my knowledge only Dimarzios 2nd Telecaster neck single coil pickup. They first came out with the twang king a few years ago and now they have taken their popular True Velvet single coil and packaged it in a telecaster neck pickup design. This pickup comes with an alnico 5 magnet and typical single coil 2 conductor wiring. The output is 6.6K which is pretty typical for a Tele single coil. Dimarzio isnt really known for their true single coil pickups so when they make one they usually sound pretty unique. This is a lot like the True Velvet strat pickup. It was designed to give more clarity without the single coil harshness. This is a neck pickup so the EQ is slanted towards the high end to balance out the neck position bass frequencies. The EQ on Dimarzios site gives it a 6 rating for the high end with a 7 and 5 for the mid range and low range respectively. With this design it is a lot clearer than the typical tele neck pickup. The normal tele neck pickup is pretty weak and tinny to me. I think this is how it should sound. It delivers good twang without all the mud and harshness. The high end is cleaned up without losing the trademark single coil attack. This pickup comes in the typical tele lipstick casing so no one will know that your tele is not standard. The design comes wax dipped to cut down on noise but single coils will be single coils. If you have a telecaster and are tired of the weak and muddy telecaster neck pickup you can try out one of these Dimarzio replacement pickups for that position. This True Velvet sounds great in the neck of a strat and it also sounds great in the neck of a Telecaster.