Pearl EX 13" x 10" system ISS
Pearl EX 13" x 10" system ISS

EX 13" x 10" system ISS, Tom from Pearl.

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superapollo 09/25/2008

Pearl EX 13" x 10" system ISS : superapollo's user review


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A 13 by 10 for me is necessary for my drumming, because I love exploring melody accompaniment on the toms. Snuggle some toms up close together like I've got my Pearls, and ride them on and off, experimenting with different techniques and exploring the possibilities of the toms, will give you the feel of what I'm talking about. For the last 12 months, the EX has been a go to quality tom in my repetoire. Sure I have tried other toms, and there are many good ones available, but for me, the quality and reliability of Pearl has me coming back for more every time. The price fits the product in this case, and Pearl continues to stand up to it's legacy of excellence.