Brace Audio DWG-1000-TX Digital Wireless Transmitter
Brace Audio DWG-1000-TX Digital Wireless Transmitter

DWG-1000-TX Digital Wireless Transmitter, Transmitter/Receiver from Brace Audio.

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rockerdad 03/22/2011

Brace Audio DWG-1000-TX Digital Wireless Transmitter : rockerdad's user review

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I was in the market for a wireless system for my guitar. I hadn't used a wireless for at least 5 or 6 years when I found the Brace Audio product online. I read a few reviews that were all good. Seeing the price of a new one for $150, how small the whole system was and the fact that it supposedly didn't eat up batteries, it was a no-brainer to go ahead and place an order for one.

It arrived and I set it up. The transmitter and receiver are both the same size which was great for pedalboards. However, right away I noticed that they were both made of plastic...and not really tough plastic. I looked past that and hooked it all up with my rig.

My rig consists of a Marshall DSL100 amp and very few effects (an OD, chorus, noise gate and delay pedal). The amount of noise and hiss that came out of my cabinet was unbearable. I thought maybe i had hooked something up incorrectly so I checked all connections. Everything looked good. when I engaged my OD pedal, the hissing got even worse. Frustrated at this point, I took to the internet to search on fixing this problem. I found nothing about the problem I was having. I then went to Brace Audio's site and contacted them directly.

The people at Brace were really helpful and got back to me quickly. Unfortunately, I was told that the problem I was having was something they knew about from other people and I was told I should invest in a noise gate. I informed them that I was getting this noise while already having a noise gate. I was then told to purchase a 2nd noise gate. At this point, that's not what I wanted to hear twice. I told them I would be returning it and I would steer any friends away from using one. Why is the product on the market when there's an obvious design flaw with certain applications? I picked up a Line 6 Relay and haven't looked back since.