Blackheart Engineering BH1H Killer Ant - BitMo Ant Eater Mod Kit
Blackheart Engineering BH1H Killer Ant - BitMo Ant Eater Mod Kit

BH1H Killer Ant - BitMo Ant Eater Mod Kit, Tube Guitar Amp Head from Blackheart Engineering.

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Roo 04/10/2011

Blackheart Engineering BH1H Killer Ant - BitMo Ant Eater Mod Kit : Roo's user review

" full use of the Ant Killer"

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Modification kit of Ant Killer by Bruce Hutchon which sells kits for amps changes:

- Tweed-style tone control with pull boost switch
- Output Line Out, which lets you use the Ant Killer pre amp to a more powerful amp or mixing console.
- Illuminated electronic JJ ECC82 - 12AU7
- FX Loop (not included with my kit)
(Mine has a handle!)



(The installation took me about 3 hours. I had never welded on a circuit resistance.)
The case is easy to get out of the frame, no need to remove the card electronics.
We must pierce the facade. It is not complicated but it takes time. There was only one spot test so well and the bit stoned réflichir not all. The output line out must also be in shock, as the capacitor is too short to go back to the ... (Or tinker then provide an extension cord).
Then follow the manual and solder the resistors and capacitors to the switch and line out.
Is a resistance (4.7 electrolytic blue) that must guide the switch on the positive side but could not find any registration [+][-] above. I soldered the shortest rib. Some resistance is too short and I had to lengthen them by cutting the son where he remained for the length.
To position the switch in the hole previously drilled and solder the resistors to the circuit board. For large fingers, uncomfortable with precision welds and difficulty seeing up close, it's gonna be a nightmare.
Good .. once my 15 welds made, change lamps (ECC82 - 12AU7) and I do my connection test to see if any burn.
Like an ass, I then returned the aluminum box to see if Would there's no smoke and there ** ** baamm chestnuts. Fortunately the case is not dropped from the top .. since I've not kept in the hands .. waking up from 220 volts AC.

And finally, plug guitar, and then everything works. Sound.
This new volume pot is the effect of a guitar tone control with a more widened at the end of the race. Associatedwith volume can play a lot of nuances. The neutral position is at 12 obviously. It is only in the register shades of crunch but c still change since before there was the volune.
Then we get by pulling the boost. A real boost I must say, it sounds sent directly to the maximum volume level while being able to adjust. on the other hand thoroughly Volume + Boost does not increase power.


Therefore more nuances. Still a little dry but warm. We can dig the sound, add shine or roundness. For guitars with a single microphone without tone control c is an asset. Changing lamps alone transforms the amp. Passing lamps Chinese origin for JJ ECC82 or 83 is probably the first thing to do. If you hesitate tjrsà asher the BitMo, change lamps already 12AU7 or 12AX7.
The added boost the slight crunch at lower volume overdrive until the bottom .. it looks like another amp.
What's great about this amp is that it brings out every nuance of the guitar. The difference in his change of position is amazing microphones.


A video tutorial for installing or web page would be really valuable for this kind of edit.
The amp is different, the look is already changing. The next single, modified house is very nice.
Installation is a little périeuse but possible if you are handy. For the price is really worth ca. For $ 40 I think, no pedal does rivals. We would like a little reverb and more like the Epiphone.
This little kit as modest as it makes the most of any lamp 1w all volumes to play at home.