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Bogner Atma
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ColDay ColDay

«  Small in size, big in everything else »

Publié le 11/23/14 à 05:49
Known characteristics: 18W, 3 channels.
Channel 1 is a clean way Fender between Blackface and Tweed according to the single tone of knob. A bright switch 3 position brings a little more flexibility to the top of the spectrum.
Marshall typed channel 2, with a 3 position switch JTM / JMP / 800.
Channel 3 is based on channel 2, with a volume and a dedicated gain a little special: the channel gain knob 3 is in front. There is a gain knob for channel 2, but it is located at the rear of the receiver, and it is actually a "delta" of gain between the gain of the channel 3 and channel 2. This is to say thoroughly, we have the same gain on channel 2 on the 3. If one decreases, we lose the gain.
A little strange, I would have preferred a gain knob on the front panel and dedicated for channel 2 ...

3 speaker outputs, line output, effects loop, footswitch output, attenuator 5W / 1W, volume per channel. It is fairly complete, lacking only a master volume finally, because it is quite painful to have to align 3 volumes according to config ...


Setup is simple once lit amp, actually.
The settings of the channel switched light up and everything becomes clear.
The manual is brief but sufficient (a sheet of paper ...).


The clean channel is meant to be typed Fender blackface and tweed between depending on the tone control. I've never played these amps, so I can not compare. What I can say is that this channel is final. It is however not the one I was waiting for more ... It's full, warm, the bass is strong and well defined. The tone is a bit like an EQ on mediums, zero is a bit dug and lens, it is more thoroughly warm, full and fat. In the middle with my Les Paul, it's great ...
It takes very well the front pedals. Modulations, reverbs, ODs, Fuzz, everything goes fine.

Channels 2 and 3 are identical, only the rear adjuster gain occurs.
I had heard of many Bogner amps for their sound typed Marshall. I had never tried before Bogner, but I can only agree: it's huge.
I do not play that vintage / JMP position. Noon to Gain, Channel 3, we are left with a distortion that hard, again with serious taking place (the main drawback of all the pedals I've had), lots of body and a crazy dynamic . It reacts to the game in an incredible way. The sound is actually typed Marshall, a little more modern and clean. I love.

I found a shame not to be able to assign the voicing JMP to channel 2 and channel 3 JCM800, but ultimately the JMP channel has plenty of gain for what I do.
On channel 2, I put the CR gain (rear) at 9am, and I get a crunch way AC / DC. Nickel.

A note on mitigating 1 / 5w. The 1w mode has its value if you want to play at a very low volume, but the lack of body on channels 2/3. It is better to switch to 5w and lower volumes. It is then very convincing to play at home, the feelings are good.


I spent the last 5 years on single channel amps, after tidal and tired gas plants.
I almost got to find my happiness, but never really conquered by the distorted sounds from my pedals (and I've had a good packet).

This amp made me the eye since its release, because it brings together the features I wanted:
- Usable power
- Lightweight and compact
- 3 footchichables channels, a good clean channel and 2 saturated typed Marshall
... And that's it!

Amps with 3 or more channels are usually gas plants of 50 or 100W.
I did not want that.

The Atma is doing brilliantly. I'm not saying it's perfect, but it fits perfectly with my needs,
I'll make a journey with.
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