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iamqman 06/16/2011

Bogner New Yorker Head : iamqman's user review

« Cool and compact! »

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This is the head version of the sweet little practice amp from Bogner. You get the same great tones and features as you would in the combo version but just in a little lunch box style amp head. The tolex is the same cool swirl black comet.

This is an interesting amp. It is a no frills no bells and whistles amp from Bogner. It has basically two control knobs on the amp...a tone knob and a volume knob. We have seen many amps like this from almost every manufacturer. These little small watt practice amps that you can crank to get the overdrive and keep it at reasonable volumes and wattage cut switches. This amp also features a 4 way toggle switch on the back that changes the voicing or grind of the amp. It goes to gain controls and a 4-position rotary switch for dialing in different amp voicings.

Another great feature of this amp is the 12 watt to 4 watt switch for even lower volume playing. This is great for bedroom or apartment playing where noise can be an issue.


Bogner New Yorker 12W Tube Guitar Amp Head Features:

12 Watts
Switchable to a 4-Watt mode
2 x 6V6 power tubes
4-way rotary switch for clean, crunch or high gain tones
Class A
3-way ON/STANDBY/OFF toggle
8 ohm speaker jack
Aluminum chassis
Black comet custom vinyl finish
Handcrafted in the USA


The tone is very good in this amp. The distortion is not a high gain distortion of a Shiva or XTC but it gets a nice smooth saturation. The clean is sparkly but not as good as the Duende or the Shiva cleans.

Over all the tone of this amp is decent but nothing to remarkable like other Bogner amps. The idea for this type of amp isn't so much of an end all be all tone but more on the priority of compact and practicing situations.

It sounds great with just about any guitar you throw at it. I like most of Bogner's amps with a nice Gibson Les Paul or another humbucker pickup style guitar.


There is a cool tolex covering on these amps. It is a black comet custom vinyl covering that has a nice swirl to it. At new these amps come in at around $1230. A little pricey for a small practice amp, but the tone is a lot better that an amp with the same type of features.

I would recommend this amp to anyone who needs a solid practice amp and doesn't need a tone of wattage or volume. If you are used to the tone of Bogner amps then this amp will fit nicely in your catalog.