Bugera 333XL
Bugera 333XL
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Audiofanzine FR 12/12/2008

Bugera 333XL : Audiofanzine FR's user review


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(Originally written by Bedopodzo/translated from Audiofanzine FR)
Everything has been already said...

Small con: the reverb setting applies to all channels.

It would be convenient to be able control it with a footswitch...


As it has already been said, all three channels have a very simple configuration.

The controls are very effective!!!

The treble knob, for example: be careful because settings higher than 4 add something unpleasant to the sound. At least that's the case for the lead channel with my setup.

The response of both other knobs is normal so you can shape the sound as you like...


The sound is amazing!!!

The clean sound is very nice and quite warm...

The crunch channel has a pretty sound. This channel produces a good vintage rock sound...

The different volume and gain settings will give you the crunch sound you like...

The lead channel will just blow you away!!!

Its accurate and aggressive response will make you tremble!!! This channel is like a dream come true for heavy metal freaks...

The low-end is powerful for palm mute playing but I find the high end too present... because of the excessive sensitivity of the knobs. I avoid settings above 4 for the reason mentioned before.

On the other hand, the knobs' sensitivity will allow you to shape the mids and get a typical metal sound.

FYI, I play a BC Rich Warlock BK Bronze 2 with EMG 8 pickups... a typical heavy metal guitar!!!

My guitar has only only one pickup so I also use it for clean sounds and I get very nice results!!!

I tune my guitar in Drop C and I use 13/56 strings. It gives me a fat sound!!!


It's tough for other products to compete with this amp!!!

The value for money is currently unbeatable.

This Bugera 333XL is quite impressive. It's a good heavy metal amp like its brother, the 6262 model.

I tested both combos and noticed that the 333XL has more punch and dynamics than its brother. It sounds more modern.

One last remark, there's no need to be afraid of the brand because it's actually a new brand from Behringer!!!

Try it out first and we'll discuss later. You won't believe what you hear!