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caribbeansea 11/01/2006

Carlsbro CS100TC : caribbeansea's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
This is a tube amplifier made in England that can generally date from the early 70's. Point to point wiring. Preamp: 3 X 12AX7 (or 12AT7 in V3), part power: 4 X EL34. Power: one hundred Watt.
Technical and operational standards.
AC power connectors English. Output 4, 8 and 16 ohm on 2 jack.
Manufacturing and operating like the rustic island best known brands. Simple adjustments. No effect.

Personal note. Out of respect for this technology and to find the original sound, it is recommended, as all heads "vintage" tube fitting the "authentic" (NOS) European or American.
12AX7 qualities of French are still findable aisemment.


Obtaining immediate sound "English".
Two channels: a guitar channel, a channel with low volume and tone. A potentiometer (top cut) of presence control.
As for the manual ... Little need.


Its clear typed "HIWATT". The crunch starts moderately high power but not as significantly as in "Marshall". on the other hand, drawing schematics of Marshall (JMP super lead), we can change the aisemment peripheral components of V1 and V2 to reproduce the sound.


Excellent unit to be classified with the English marks "cult" while maintaining a side argus however much lower than the amps from the same period reflecting a misunderstanding of the brand.
So quality / price ratio excellent.