Carvin V3M
Carvin V3M
Francizz 08/08/2011

Carvin V3M : Francizz's user review

«  Amazing! »

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Value For Money : Excellent
Well, I will not repeat all that can already be found as details on the manufacturer's website (Carvin).

All Tube Amplifier Head, power réglagle:
7W (home), 22W (Just to repeat), 50W (in concert I have not tried yet)

Compact and lightweight (+ / - 9 kg)
Purchased with cover, pedals, and HP Carvin 212 cabinet.
All for € 1600, via an official dealer in Belgium.

3 channels, a clear, two saturated with multiple settings to very useful and effective to have many different sounds, and thus a very versatile amp.

an input jack, a line out, a send / return for effects, a main speaker output, a second parallel.

is almost perfect, I do miss more than a headphone output, but hey, what kind of amp is very rare.


At first, each channel has many settings, and it takes a while to master the settings. But after a few hours, we quickly realized, and each setting is really effective.

To start the manual suggests interesting presets.

This gives a good sound and I would say many good sounds, depending of course what we want. The clear, clean to crunch, classic rock and metal, anything is possible.

It reacts very well with effects pedals.


This amp suits me as very versatile and very good sound!
Finally, I appreciate for the first time really my main guitar (a Godin LGX-SA).

Well before I've never had superampli, I'm sure others will say it gets better, but then at higher prices (mesa. ...) or else a very good amp competitors, but more typed, less versatile (vox Nighttrain, orange ,.....).

Whether humbucker or single coil, or even acoustic (piezo), endures all things.


So I use it for only ten days. I did some tests with me, I held two repeats. The group was impressed with the sound.

I have tried other models, the same type (light heads, same price range) with some very good, but not as versatile. It's my choice and I do it again without hesitation. (A priori, unless failures and poor customer service, but I have not been able to experience).

Excellent value for money, although I think the price is exaggerated in Europe. In the USA, the manufacturer, on-site, it costs about half price!

So's all good: sound, ease of use, versatility.

Only thing I have some difficulties to master: I wish I could fix the same overall volume of the 3 channels to switch its power in concert, without changing the volume (if not, there is also provided a boost for that) . But the clean channel, if you put a low drive, to avoid crunch, and even with max volume is still lower than the other two channels.

Otherwise, a headphone jack and it would be paradise.